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A Premiere Digital Marketing Agency and
Web Development Company in Florida

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We are a premiere digital marketing agency and web development company in Florida offering business consulting, web development, and digital marketing services. We cater to local, service-based businesses.

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65% of businesses fail due to inconsistent positive cash flow. Our Mission is to safeguard your business from failing by maximizing profitability and accelerating growth.

A Web Development Company in Florida Built For Your Businesses Success

65% of businesses fail due to inconsistent positive cash flow. Our Mission is to safeguard your business from failing by maximizing profitability and accelerating growth.

Our Web Development and
Digital Marketing Services will

Take Your Business to the Next Level

In the competitive business landscape, 65% of businesses face failure due to an inability to maintain a consistent positive cash flow. At Blue Diamond Web Solutions, a preeminent digital marketing agency in Florida, we are on a mission to shield your business from this statistic. We strive to maximize your profitability and accelerate your growth, ensuring you rise above the competition and thrive in your industry.

We fulfill our Mission by offering business consulting, web development, and digital marketing services. We cater to local, service-based businesses, providing them with the tools and strategies they need to excel online.

Our Digital Marketing Services Include

The ultimate goal of a business’s digital presence is to provide value and to build trust with customers to drive sales. To achieve this, every aspect of your online presence must excel in branding, lead generation, and conversions. As a premier digital marketing agency and web development company in Florida, we offer a comprehensive suite of services to elevate your digital presence:

Web Development

We build intuitive, user-friendly, mobile-optimized websites that look great and perform exceptionally. Our web development team is proficient with the WordPress platform, ensuring we can deliver a website that meets your needs. We follow a meticulous development process, starting with a deep understanding of your business goals and target audience. This informed approach allows us to create stunning websites that function seamlessly and provide an enjoyable user experience that encourages engagement and conversion. With our mobile-optimized designs, your website will perform flawlessly across all devices, ensuring you reach your audience wherever they are.

web development company in Florida
Digital Marketing Agency in Florida

SEO: Search Engine Optimization​

Our SEO strategies boost your visibility on search engines, generating more organic traffic for your website. In today’s digital world, visibility is vital. That’s where our SEO services come in. We go beyond the basics by providing customized strategies tailored to your business needs. Our team of SEO experts employs every aspect of solid SEO, including on-page and off-page SEO, keyword research, and technical SEO, ensuring that your website ranks high in search engine results. By optimizing your site for SEO, we help you attract more visitors, increase customer engagement, and ultimately, drive more conversions. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, we have the skills and experience to make your website stand out from your competitors in the crowded digital marketplace. Schedule a free consultation today!

Google Listing Management

We ensure your Google listing is optimized and up-to-date, making it easier for potential customers to find you. Our Google Listing Management Services provide an essential touchpoint in your online presence. An accurate and fully optimized Google listing can be the deciding factor for a potential customer choosing your business over a competitor. Therefore, we meticulously manage all aspects of your listing, from ensuring that your contact information and operating hours are accurate to uploading high-quality images that showcase your business. Additionally, we help manage and respond to reviews, fostering a positive online reputation. By keeping your business information current and engaging, we improve your visibility in local search results, making it easier for customers in your vicinity to find and choose you. 

Digital Marketing Agency in Florida
web development company in Florida

Google + Meta Ads Management

Our comprehensive Ads Management service includes Meta and PPC ad management to enhance your brand’s online presence and maximize ROI. We expertly craft tailored ads for platforms like Facebook and Instagram, managing all aspects from ad creation to budget optimization, alongside conducting continuous performance analysis. In addition, our Google PPC strategy focuses on targeting the right audience through meticulous keyword research and strategic ad placements, ensuring your advertising efforts yield targeted traffic and higher conversions. This strategic approach guarantees a robust online presence and an efficient allocation of your advertising budget, achieving tangible business results. Schedule a free consultation today!

Social Media Management

Effective social media management is not just about regular posts; it requires a strategic approach to content creation, audience engagement, and reputation management. Our team of experts creates high-quality, relevant content that resonates with your target audience and reflects your brand’s unique voice. We also monitor all your social media platforms, promptly responding to comments, messages, and reviews to foster community and trust among your followers. Additionally, we analyze engagement metrics and audience behavior to fine-tune our strategies, ensuring your social media channels align with your business objectives. Our social media management services help you turn your social media channels into powerful tools for building brand loyalty and driving growth.

web development company in Florida
Digital Marketing Port St Lucie FL 07

Business Consulting Services

Blue Diamond offers a comprehensive suite of Business Consulting Services designed to elevate and transform your company’s market impact. We offer a thorough Digital Presence Audit, meticulously analyzing your online footprint to identify strengths and uncover areas for improvement to enhance visibility and engagement. Our Business Growth and Strategy Sessions tailor innovative, data-driven strategies that align with your business objectives, fostering sustainable growth and competitive advantage. Furthermore, we empower your marketing teams through targeted training programs, equipping them with the latest tools, insights, and methodologies needed to excel in today’s fast-paced digital landscape. With Blue Diamond, you gain a partner committed to meeting and exceeding your business aspirations. Schedule a free consultation today!

A Trusted Digital Marketing Agency in Florida

Blue Diamond Web Solutions was established in July 2022 by Mike Lawrence in Port St Lucie, FL. With over a decade of experience in web development and digital marketing, Mike brings strong communication and leadership skills to the team, honed through years of pastoral leadership, customer service, and working as a licensed plumber.

We choose the name “Blue Diamond” because of the significance given to blue diamonds. They are synonymous with faith, trust, loyalty, and premium quality. These characteristics embody our core values as a company and are everything we strive to provide for our clients.

web development company in Florida

Our Contribution To Your Success


Our team leverages years of web development and digital marketing expertise to deliver results that exceed your expectations.


We maintain open lines of communication and provide monthly reports that detail our efforts and your results.


We take a personal interest in your business, working to ensure your success and pledging to never work with your competitors.

Our Project Management Process



During the discovery Phase of your project, we will work closely with you and your team to understand your business, brand, and goals. This allows us to accurately represent you in the digital space and strategically target your ideal customers.



The development phase of your project is when our team works to develop it according to your goals. We maintain open lines of communication to ensure rapid progress and completion of all project objectives.



Upon reaching the delivery phase of your project, we will take your project “online” once you have approved it. We will begin closely monitoring its progress and performance over time to ensure it achieves the objectives and goals you have set for it. 



Lastly, once your project has gone online and is performing well, we will present you with a performance report and meet with you to review it. We also answer any questions you may have and adjust strategy accordingly moving forward.

We Offer Web Development And
Digital Marketing Services in Florida and Beyond

Seminole County

Orange County

Palm Beach County

Looking To Accelerate Your Business?

We offer high-quality web solutions that achieve your businesses goals. 
Our quick project turn-around times mean you can get online and start growing online, without delays! Schedule a FREE consultation to learn how our digital marketing can take your business to the next level!

What Our Clients Say

You don’t have to take my word, just listen to those who have worked with us…

1012706 avatar man worker icon

Mike did an outstanding job building my company’s website from the ground up. He was always very responsive to all questions and concerns, and has a great sense of work ethic. He was also very timely at each stage of the process, assuring the launch date goal.

T. Brooke
1012658 avatar user woman icon

I love my website! They put it together fast and helped me with my logo and color designs. Customer service is great too for all the questions I had.

Shelly J.
1012683 avatar elegant woman icon

Thank You Mike for capturing my thoughts and ideas and displaying them in a way that has captured my vision and message. It was a pleasure working with you as we ironed out the details of this project.

Kathy P.

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